Women's Basketball Oregon State Athletics

OSU Basketball Center

Opened in the summer of 2013, the OSU Basketball Center is the most recent addition to Oregon State Athletics' facility portfolio. It is complete with two regulation basketball courts, which occupy the first and third floors of the building, along with locker rooms, satellite training and medical areas, and service and mechanical spaces.

The alternate floors -- second and fourth -- consist of 2,000-square-foot partial floors containing coach and program staff offices. These spaces run the length of the building and offer panoramic views of the court below. Together, the court and program space create a "home" where the sense of family that is the distinctive edge for every Oregon State team can be fostered.

A two-story glass atrium, strikingly illuminated at night, serves as the main entrance and feature a Basketball Hall of Fame highlighting the greatest achievements and players of Oregon State's past -- and future. A mural stretching to the height of the atrium celebrates the legacy -- and the terrific student-athletes and coaches -- of Oregon State Beavers basketball.

The practice facility is located directly behind Gill Coliseum off Ralph Miller Drive.

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