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Oregon State Post-Game Quotes

Jan. 22, 2011

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Oregon State vs. Oregon
January 22, 2011
Gill Coliseum
Corvallis, Ore.

Head Coach Craig Robinson

On the game ...
"Let me make it clear: every loss is a setback. For us, this is not that big of a setback because of the way the league is going. All we have to do is win some more games, and other people have to lose some more, and we'll stay in the mix in the middle here. You never know what's going to happen. We won't know if it's a huge setback until we get to the end of the season, but emotionally it's a setback. All losses are. Hey, we're used to bouncing back from setbacks."

On falling behind by 17 points ...
"It was extraordinarily frustrating. Inexplicable would be the right word if it was the first time that it happened, or the second time, but it constantly happens. We just have to reexamine how we're starting games. We try one defense, we try one offense, we try this, we try that, and we have a game plan. I think psychologically we're still not a 3-3 team in the Pac-10. I think that's really what it is. Psychologically we can't handle each game being harder than the one before. I've talked about a tipping point before, an over-used term nowadays, but it's a point where we as a team have to figure out that we are good enough to play the way we can play throughout the whole game."

On the positive things to take from this game ...
"I'm overly-pessimistic right now, but there are quite a few good things to take from this. Outside of his missed righty-layup, Devon Collier is a freshman and he played his first rivalry game like he was a senior. I mean, he made the right plays, he stuck with the game plan, he got rebounds and he made his foul shots. That's number one. Number two is I love the way we played man-to-man for the short period of time we did. It was hard, it was tough and we matched their intensity. That was good. I thought we did a great job on the boards. So there were a couple things out there that were positive."

On the importance of Lathen Wallace's performance ...
"It was big. Lathen was due. He has been working in practice, as hard and as seriously as anybody on the team and it hadn't been transferring to the games. Every time he shoots the ball, we think it's going in. We being the guys on our team who watch practice every day. It was nice to see him, after that first miss, rattle off a few. It wasn't a surprise to us; it was a relief, because when a kid works that hard, the entire team and the entire staff are rooting for him to have some success."

On what to take from the 17-point comeback ...
"I think you can take more from it if you don't let it happen. If you go out to a 17-point lead a hold it is better than going down 17 and coming back. Psychologically, you can't do that too many times."

Senior guard Lathen Wallace

On the last five minutes of the game ...
"We had some plays down the stretch that we didn't finish. We had some turnovers and that pretty much killed us."

On coming back from 17 points down ...
"After the beginning of the game we didn't come out with the defense that we normally come out with. That killed us at the beginning. It was going back and forth. They put it away at the offensive end and got ahead."

Junior forward Kevin McShane

On how Oregon might have reacted after losing their lead ...
"There's no way they were going to lay down. It's the Civil War, they have a new coach, and they are having a season like we had when Coach Robinson first got here, so they're going to battle every single play whether they were up by 10 or we were up by 20. They were never going to lay down."

On playing a complete game ...
"We just didn't come to play. In previous games this year we've played a good first half and a bad second half, or a bad first half and a good second half. We're still learning the lesson that a basketball game is 40 minutes, not 20, not 30, not 15. We have to continue to learn that lesson."

On what is needed to turn it around as they continue Pac-10 play ...
"I think it's just playing the 40 minutes. When we played at Washington we were with them right until the last minute of the first half, and they're one of the top teams in the league. It's playing 40 minutes of consistent basketball where we play Beaver basketball, and not wait 10 minutes and get down by a lot and then come to play."

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