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Oregon State - Seattle Post Game Quotes

Dec. 29, 2008

Recap |  Final Stats

On the game overall:
"That's a pretty good team, and they have a pretty good matchup zone and those guys were very good at it. I told the guys in the locker room that I was extremely proud of them because this is the kind of game we would have lost in the past and I was very pleased with the patience we showed on offense. I was pleased with how calm we were. We still have too many turnovers and we let them get too many offensive rebounds. They shot 57 shots, that's a lot of more shots then we took, and that was because of offensive rebounds and turnovers."

On the second half:
"We are trying to do a lot of things all at once. We are trying to learn a new system, and we are trying to win, especially more than one at the same time. There are a whole lot of things going on, and we could have very easily folded in the second half. With three minutes left it was still close, but we were able to increase our intensity and pull away from them and I was very happy to see that."

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