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Beavers Take 2nd at Reno TOC

Reno, Nev. – Oregon State junior 133-pounder Joey Palmer won the lone individual title and the Beavers tied Stanford for second place behind Wyoming on Sunday at the Reno Tournament of Champions.

Palmer went 5-0 for the 17th-ranked Beavers to take home the top prize in his weight class. He defeated Jade Rauser of Utah Valley State 6-4 in sudden victory in the title bout.

Seniors Alex Elder (157) and Taylor Meeks (184) and redshirt freshman Cody Crawford (197) went 4-1 and placed second. Redshirt freshman Jordan Henrickson (149) placed third and junior Seth Thomas (165) and redshirt freshman Jack Hathaway (133) took fifth.

Freshman Ronnie Bresser (125) placed sixth after an injury kept him out of the consolation rounds following a loss in the semifinals.

The Beavers finished just behind Wyoming; final team scores were not available.  The teams meet again in Laramie on Feb. 13, 2015.

OSU (3-0, 2-0 Pac-12) will compete at the Aloha Open in Honolulu on Dec. 30 before taking a short break. It resumes Pac-12 action on Jan. 10 with a home dual against Stanford.

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Sunday's results:

TEAM TOTALS (top 7): Wyoming 134; Oregon State 102.5; Stanford 102.5 Oklahoma State 97; Ohio 83; Oklahoma 77.5; CSU-Bakersfield 72.

RONNIE BRESSER (125): Pinned Isaac Blackburn (Cal Poly) 2:59; pinned Troy Lakin (Menlo) 2:58; major dec. Riley Miller (Northern Montana) 12-4; major dec. Austin Miller (Okla. St.) 12-4; lost 12-4 to Evan Silver (Stanford); medical forfeit to Ares Carpio (Arizona State).

RONNIE STEVENS (125): Lost 11-5 to Da'Wayne Robertson (Mankato State); pinned Elias Hernandez (Menlo) 7:00; major dec. Sergio Mendez (CSUB) 11-0; lost 3-2 to Ares Carpio (Arizona State).

KEGAN CALKINS (125): Pinned by Sergia Mendez (CSUB) 3:31; lost 8-6 to Coleman Johns (SOU).

JACK HATHAWAY (133): Lost 5-3 to Kyle Garcia (Okla, St.); pinned Judson Preskitt (Arizona State) 2:05; dec. Brian Crutchmer (Okla. St.) 8-4; pinned Jonathon Stelling (Colorado Mesa) 2:00; dec. Drew Templeton (Wyoming) 10-5; lost 6-2 to Gary Wayne Harding (Oklahoma); pinned Victor Trujillo (Cal Poly).

JOEY PALMER (133): Pinned Justin Rodgers (Northern Montana), 1:56; dec. Brian Crutchmer (Okla. St.) 10-5; major dec. Lawrence Otero (CCC) 17-7; pinned Gary Wayne Harding (Oklahoma) 5:00; dec. Jade Rauser (Utah Valley) 6-4.

JARED REIS (141): Dec. Matthew Ontiveros (Utah Valley) 4-1; lost 8-6 to Michael Magaldo (Okla. St.); dec. Martin Ramirez (Adams St.) 7-1; dec. Daniel Salazar (Colorado Mesa) 8-3; lost 9-6 to Davey Dolan (Okla. St.).

DEVIN REYNOLDS (141): Pinned Jordan Bryan (Stanford) 1:19; lost 8-4 to Dean Heil (Okla. St.); pinned Timmy Box (CSUB) 4:18; dec. Matthew Ontiveros (Utah Valley) 6-4; lost 10-5 to Matt Kraus (Arizona St.) 10-5.

JORDAN HENRICKSON (149): Dec. Nick Swanson (Colorado Mesa) 5-2; pinned Jose Maldonado (Menlo), 1:43; pinned Lucas Somera (Boise St.) 0:28; dec. Tyler Cowger (SOU), 10-6; lost 15-1 to Tyman Claxton (Ohio); dec. Garrett Schaner (Stanford) 13-8; pinned Jake Elliott (Wyoming).

JAY TOVEY (149): Lost 9-4 to Austin Uecker (Grand Canyon); pinned by Chris Garcia (CCC) 2:29.

ABRAHAM RODRIGUEZ (149): Lost 6-4 to Drew Schumann (Colorado Mesa); lost 12-4 to Tyler Berger (unattached).

JOSEPH DEMATTEO (157): Lost TF to Sparky Chino (Ohio) 2:20; lost TF to Eleazar DeLuca (CCC) 5:38.

ALEX ELDER (157): Major dec. Adam Cooling (Mankato St.) 12-0; dec. Dalton Urrutia (SOU) 8-2; dec. Logan Addis (Utah Valley) 10-3; dec. Sparty Chino (Ohio) 6-4; lost 7-5 to Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State).

JOEY DELGADO (157): Lost 5-4 to Max Hvolbek (Stanford); dec. Koleton Hardy (Utah Valley) 2-1; medical forfeit to Chris Koo (Okla. St.).

RODNEY WILLIAMS (157): Pinned by Sawyer Hoffman (Mankato St.) 2:00; pinned by Andrew Simmons (Missouri Valley) 4:33.

TYLER CHAY (165): Dec. Isaias Diaz (Cal Poly) 8-2; lost to Holden Packard (Boise St.) 5-2; pinned Garrett Urrutia (SOU) 7:17; dec. Reid Watkins (Simon Fraser) 7-5; lost to Jessie Hoffschneider (Colorado Mesa) 4-3.

SETH THOMAS (165): Pinned Payton Moore (SWOCC) 1:16; pinned Tommy Brewster (CCC) 3:39; lost to Clark Glass (Oklahoma) 4-0; dec. Dalton Harmon (Utah Valley) 6-1; major dec. Chandler Rogers (Okla. St.) 10-2; lost 11-2 to Harrison Hightower (Ohio); dec. Clark Glass (Oklahoma) 5-2.

SHANE ROACH (165): Lost 14-4 to Kyle Bateman (CCC); lost TF to Kyle Pope (Wyoming) 5:18.

KENNEN LANTERI (165): Dec. Brian Battisto (CSUB) 8-4; lost 6-0 to Harrison Hightower (Ohio); lost 7-1 to Payton Moore (SWOCC).

KURTIS RAMSAY(174): Pinned by Andrew Orr (SOU) 4:09; pinned Mario Garcia (Adams St.) 0:58; pinned Stephen Mejia (Colorado Mesa) 5:32; pinned by Jordan Rogers (Okla. St.) 1:30.

JOE LATHAM (174): Dec. Jace Jensen (Wyoming) 11-7; lost 11-7 to Matt Reid (Oklahoma); major dec. Morgan Smith (Simon Fraser) 13-5; lost 5-2 to Austin Devey (Boise State).

ALI ALSHUJERY (174): Lost to Stephen Mejia (Colorado Mesa) 6-4; pinned by Reed Tennyson (SOU) 1:45.

TAYLOR MEEKS (184): Pinned Ryan Davies (Stanford) 7:00; pinned Ryan McWatters (SOU) 7:00; dec. Austin Guan (Grand Canyon) 2-1; pinned Nick Fiegner (Cal Poly) 3:00; lost 9-3 to Nolan Boyd (Okla. St.).

ZAC CARDWELL (184): Dec. Josh Kim (SOU) 4-2; dec. Ross Taylor (Utah Valley) 6-4; pinned by Nick Fiegner (Cal Poly) 0:57; lost 6-2 to Ryan Davies (Stanford).

COREY GRIEGO (184): Dec. Joseph Garcia (Adams St.) 7-0; lost 2-1 to Ben Stroh (Wyoming); dec. Haszell West (CCC) 5-0; dec. Brooks Climmons (Oklahoma) 6-2; lost 7-6 to Austin Gaun (Grand Canyon).

CODY CRAWFORD (197): Pinned Sean McAlhaney (Highline CC) 1:52; dec. Derek Thomas (Utah Valley) 6-4; dec. Charles Johnson (SOU) 13-7; dec. Josh DaSilveira (Arizona St.) 4-2; lost 7-3 to Shane Woods (Wyoming).

MICK DOUGHARITY (hwt): Lost 8-1 to Jeramy Sweany (unattached); lost 8-4 to Dustin Dennison (Utah Valley).

NATE KEEVE (hwt): Dec. William Knowles 9CCC) 5-0; lost 8-1 to Zach Merrill (Oklahoma); lost 7-6 to Dustin Dennison (Utah Valley).

JOSH PARAZOO (hwt): Lost 6-3 to Jesse Webb (Ohio); pinned by Josh Ramos (unattached), 6:55.

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