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Strategic Plan Identifies Goals and Objectives for Next Five Years

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In my first year on campus, we have been honored to be a part of so many traditions,
experiences and successes that make Oregon State the Best College Town in the
Pac-12. As I spent time with all of the many special people, communities, and external
partners that make up Beaver Nation, I was struck by the investment they all have in
the comprehensive success of our athletic programs and our student-athletes.

Of great importance to me is that their investment is not only in our competitive
success – but also in the holistic development of our people, the appropriate
stewardship and allocation of our resources and the contributions our department
makes to the City of Corvallis, our surrounding communities and the Beaver State.
As I considered the important role our department plays in their investment, it
was clear that we owed all of our constituencies a clear and transparent look
at our goals over the next five years, and how we intend to achieve them.

With that in mind – I am pleased to present to you BUILD THE DAM - The Strategic
Plan for Oregon State Athletics. Over the past nine months over 100 members of our
staff, coaches, student-athletes and internal/external partners have collaborated in
a dynamic fashion to build a plan that carefully details every step in achieving our six
strategic goals. It has truly been an all-in process. Their attempt to not only outline
high level concepts typically seen in planning exercises – but to also dive into detailed
objectives, strategies and action plans that outline how we will achieve our goals -
provides a level of authenticity that sets our plan apart and delivers meaningful results.

I am glad to be sharing this plan with Beaver Nation and encourage you all to be a part of
what will be the most productive and exciting years in our history. Our staff has already
begun work on many of the strategies outlined in our plan, and we look forward to having
you on board as we all Go Build Excellent Authentic Visionary Student-Athletes!



S. Scott Barnes
Vice President & Director of Intercollegiate Athletics


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